V-R12SNAZZY & Fast

Product Details

Snazzy Quick Response Reader


VR 12 takes you through the divine future of readers and launching trends that ripple through the industry with long lasting—effects. Gain a competitive advantage with our solution to the readers that allow the cutting-edge features your customers need.

Fingerprint Card Reader

  • • RFID Card : Standard EM, Optional Mifare 
    • Sensor Wake Up Mode : Touch
    • Temperature : -20°C ~ 50°C
    • Power : DC 12V, 1Amp
    • CPU : 32-Bit High Speed CPU
    • Sensor : Advance Fingerprint Sensor
    • Communication : Rs485
    • Scan Area : 22m*18mm
    • Resolution : 500 DPI
    • Identification Mode : FP, Card

VR-12 has a great deal of focus on maximizing speed bandwidth that allows quick verification. Dual Combination of Card Reader as well as touch active Fingerprint sensor, with its smaller size and larger output, VR 12 is the one carrying such technical significance.