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N-Z90W Pro


N - Z90W Pro the model for the companies with large number of Users.
All the features packed in this sleek & dynamic model.


N-Z90W Pro

N-Z90W Pro is perfectly suitable for the place with large number of Users. All the features packed in this stylish, sleek & professional looking model. This includes Face detection, Fingerprint verification, RFID Card and Password alongwith multiple verification mode with combination of FC/FP/P/C. N-Z90 Pro offers large storage capacity of User Capacity consisting of 2000 Faces, 10000 Fingers, 10000 Card and ample of Logs Capacity 150000. An efficient processor arrayed with Linux Base system for faster operations. The build quality of the device makes it sturdy whereas Feather Touch keyboard makes it pretty over the top model. Long distance and angle face accepting also auto focus detection, for better and proper access we have to fix this at 51 Inch Height from bottom, there for we can easily enroll Faces and getting perfect feedback. There are different options available for connection LAN based, Wi-Fi for Wireless Connectivity and 4G Sim Card based, by these all option we getting a real time push data in software. Mobile Net is an advance option, just attach a SIM (4G) to device and get data from any location Also We can Download Data from Device by USB.

Access data from Local office or Access with Multiple Different Location using PUSH Data technology. We can use this device as canteen with printer (RS232). Work Code- If we want to punch in different work code then we have available work code Option. Time zone- If We want to give particular timing to each employee for Entry and Exit then we have a time zone option. Also we can set a user expiration rule for user. In this model we can lock our device with Admin, supervisor to protect for any normal user manipulating te data in the device. Also we can give employee code as Alpha-Numeric. Online User Enrollment, Uploading user And Delete user can be done remotely from software. This model has good internal battery backup to use under power failure. We can also use as an Access control with Reader and EM Lock so we can easily getting security with access control Supported device – N FR12 , Wiegand Reader , Exit Switch , Wireless Remote , No Touch sensor and many other exit functions. N-Z90 Pro is as classy as it looks and a sure model that can give your place a decent look.

Multi-Bio Time Attendance and Access Control System

  • Storage capacity
    Face Capacity : 2000 Finger Capacity : 10,000 Card Capacity: 10,000 Log Capacity : 1,50,000 Password Capacity : 10,000 Max. User : 10,000 Processor: 1GHz
    WiFi, TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Push Data :Yes OS : Linux
    Access control
    Wiegand input/output : Yes Relay : Yes Support : Wiegand Reader, RS485 Reader, Push Button, Remote, No Touch
  • Biometric
    GPRS : Yes (Optional) Printer : Yes (Optional) FAR : 0.00001% FRR : 0.001% Sensor type : 500 DPI Identification Mode : Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN
    LCD : 3" TFT Color Screen 480x272 pixel Voice instruction : 16-bit Hi-Fi voice & sound indication Language : English
    Power & environment
    Power : 12V DC / 2A Operating Temperature : 0°c ~ 50°c Battery : Optional Dimension : 188 x 65 x 150 mm