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Fingerprint Access Control System

N – Access10 is the latest access control device which is built to fit in smaller places and deliver max security to your premises. It has 3 modes of verification - Finger Print, RFID card, Password. This is access control device so with that we can control users to access. We can verify users by dual verify mode which is either Finger print and card or Finger print and password. This is the best and reliable device for the applications which is only need to control the users or employee to access. N-Access10 supports up to 500 Finger Prints, 500 RFID cards and 2 passwords. For securing any area connect EM – Lock with this device. We can control the opening and closing time of the lock from biometric device. We can connect a push button which is use for open or close the door in any emergency situation and allow the access to any non-registered users. This is very safe and secure device because this device has its own and different method to operate, so any normal person can’t change in the device settings. This device has inbuilt bell facility from that we can connect bell with device and operate bell from device.

Biomax Access10


BioMax has been into Biometrics business since its establishment in the year 2014. We offer a wide range of products, which includes Fingerprint, RFID, Palm and Facial Time & Attendance, Access Control, Single and Multi Door Access systems, Biometrics based enrollment solutions. Being India's one of the best and Fastest growing company dealing in Biometrics solutions, we constantly strive for more enhanced and quicker solutions. This opens the door for better customer relationship which is the foundation of our company. We are determined to raise the stakes in the Biometrics industry by constantly and effectively providing best services to our partners.

Fingerprint Access Control System

  • Storage capacity
    Finger Capacity : 500 Card Capacity: 500 (non-standard) Code count (Password) :2
    LCD display : black-white screen Verification mode: fingerprint, card, Password
  • Biometric
    False reject rate <= 0.01% False accept rate <= 0.0001% Door controlled: 1 Linking mode: Offline Optional : Mifare Card, Battery
    Power & environment
    Power source : 12VDC/1.5Amp Operating temperature : 0°c ~ 50°c Relay : Yes Dimension : 86*86*26mm
BioMax Access Control